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The Miracle of Iboga

Iboga is the whole and complete root bark from which Ibogaine is extracted. Ibogaine is a tool to help us make personal changes to relieve our most basic energetic stumbling blocks. Ibogaine is not a cookie cutter therapy. Each individual uniquely manifests their own body, spirit and energy, all of which needs to be honored. And therein lies the great gift of ibogaine. We need to see our habitual patterns, be they of the self-sabotaging substance addiction, behavioral or the mental variety. Iboga Chapel strives to help at this fundamental level.

Ibogaine Therapy

Are you considering ibogaine therapy for yourself or a loved one?

Patient Rights

GITA offers patient advocacy and mediation to uphold patient rights.

Iboga Sustainability

Tabernanthe iboga may be threatened in its the natural environment.

Scientific Research

What does science have to say about the efficacy of ibogaine therapy?

I had used opiates every day for 7 years and made 3 serious attempts to break away from the addiction. I tried a medically assisted detox with suboxone which take either. I had been investigating iboga and was fortunate enough to find IBOGACHAPEL which not only helped me obtain quality iboga but assisted me with appropriate dosage.


Thank you for making this possible! You are awesome! I am very happy with your customer service and delivery of the product. Your source is good quality, much gratitude to you and the Iboga Chapel.

Andrea Barber,Lutton UK

Thank you IbogaChapel -Simone Thank you Iboga World supporting me in part of my healing journey. The experience and results I got from you`re iboga where wonderful, I am full of confidence and dont feel afraid as I used to. no longer addicted to my destructive habits, I can make a clean start.



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